Where can I buy a CNC machine in installments?

The need to invest in purchasing industrial machinery and equipment to serve processing is increasing to meet the rapidly increasing demand. Because Vietnam's industrial economy is developing strongly. Especially CNC milling machines and CNC lathes are present in most manufacturing factories, mechanical processing, mold manufacturing, etc. 

To support and accompany businesses, Haitian Precision Vietnam (HISION) supports installment payments as follows:

  • Interest rate 0% with terms of 12 - 18 - 24 months.
  • Just need to deposit 10% worth of the machine to have the machine to use
  • 90% is paid in installments directly with Haitian Precision until the end of the term.
Hision supports technology transfer
Hision supports installation & free technology transfer for businesses

Investing in buying new CNC machines is still a concern for some businesses when they do not have enough financial potential to pay directly and at the same time the budget is too large. Therefore, one of the optimal solutions is buy CNC machine in installments for enterprises to have production machines for orders.

HISION . CNC Bed Milling Machine
HISION . CNC Bed Milling Machine

Using this method has advantages will help businesses have new machines to use to generate cash flow, and at the same time have more time to pay for the investment.

1. Why should you buy a CNC machine in installments?

  • CNC milling machine, installment CNC lathe is a new machine 100%. Therefore, it has high precision machining ability and high efficiency.
  • New machines will have less damage, thus saving maintenance and repair costs.
  • With only a suitable amount of capital, the business already owns the desired machine. No need to buy old machines, avoid damage, repair with high costs, long downtime affecting production progress.
  • Lower power consumption, saving operating costs.
  • When the processing efficiency is higher, the number of machines will be less and enterprises can save workshop area, labor costs, consumable and fixed costs...
  • Elevate your business with a new modern machine system, create peace of mind about stability for customers, create a foundation for businesses to have the opportunity to develop and be trusted by many customers.
  • Get peace of mind and tight technical support from the company when investing in new machines. Avoid the risk of the machine being discontinued for a long time due to a machine breakdown.
  • The form and procedure for buying a machine is simple: including the required documents of the seller, transferring the deposit and making a purchase and sale contract. Facilitating customers with low initial capital but still have new machines to use.
  • Reduce financial pressure on buyers. The remaining capital can be used to pay for other investments such as renting space, hiring employees, buying tooling materials, improving infrastructure, etc.
  • Building the reputation and position of the business when having a modern production line that meets the requirements of quality, schedule and competitive price.
CNC bed milling machines are chosen by customers to buy in installments

2. Experience when buying CNC machines in installments

  • Should choose reputable addresses with clear regulations on installment purchases such as interest rates, payment terms.
  • After successful installment payment, it is necessary to pay attention to pay on time, keep the invoices when making periodic payments. 
  • For the form of installment payment through a financial company, it is necessary to pay more attention to the terms of the contract: the amount, the time of monthly payment, the annual interest rate, the level of the provisional deposit throughout the period. finance lease period for 1-2-3-5-7 years,… 
  • The most favorable interest rates and terms can be compared between many installment companies.
  • Depending on the actual resources and solvency of the business, choose suitable investment packages.
  • It is necessary to carefully read the terms of the contract, find out the costs incurred and have a comparison to have the optimal difference, best suited to the income of the business.
  • It is advisable to buy CNC milling machines, CNC lathes in installments when you are sure that the installments do not affect the normal liquidity of the business too much.  
Modern Hision CNC milling machine
HISION brand CNC lathe – Model TC35A

3. Where to buy CNC machines in installments?

When you need buy CNC milling machines in installments, CNC lathes in installments, businesses should choose places that supply reputable and famous machine companies. In addition, distribution units need to provide full details about the machine, which will also help businesses make appropriate machine choices.

Dedicated after-sale service
Dedicated after-sale service

HAITIAN PRECISION – HISION CNC one of leading CNC machine supplier in Vietnam with a variety of machine models suitable for businesses.

➡️With outstanding advantages such as:
☑️Flexible installment 12-18-24 months (only 10% deposit is used machine)
☑️High precision
☑️High machining efficiency
☑️High stability
☑️Fast delivery (with large stock available in Vietnam)
☑️Fast, efficient and economical service
➡️The lines of HISION machines are supplying in Vietnam:
CNC machine for processing parts, mechanical engineering, molds, plastic injection molds, stamping molds, molds in the automotive, electronics, medical, household industries....
Advantages of CNC HISION
Advantages of HISION CNC machines trusted by customers

A team of professional and experienced consultants in the CNC industry will also help you choose the right machine to buy. Moreover, information about promotions, after-sales services, installment terms and payment procedures, etc.

For more specific advice and support, buy CNC machine in installments in HISION Please contact the hotline or leave your information in the form below. Sincerely thank you and wish you more and more growing and developing business!



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