CNC Milling and Tapping Drilling Machine

Model V180

  • Table size 650 X 400 mm
  • The speed of the spindle is 20,000 rpm.
  • Spindle power 3.7 / 5.5 kW
  • Main shaft taper: BT30
  • Load capacity table of 255 kg
  • 16T automatic knife change warehouse
  • Change the tool time to 1.6 seconds
  • Machine weight 4 tons


Overview of the V-180 drilling & tapping machine

HISION V180 CNC milling drilling machine is manufactured on the basis of Japanese high technology, specializing in tapping, drilling...

CNC machine specializing in milling, drilling, taro V180 is commonly used in the production of electronics, electrodes, components with aluminum, copper, engineering plastic ...

HISION CNC V180 is designed with sturdy mechanical components with weight from 2.5 Tons / machine.

Fanuc 0i MF and Mitsubishi M80 operating systems specialize in detailed component processing. Customers can choose between flexibility in accordance with the production needs of the business.

CNC machine specialized in milling, drilling, tapping V180 is proven to bring high processing efficiency, stable quality, high accuracy, beautiful product surface and is trusted by global manufacturing plants.