Double Column Machining Center Double Column Machining Center - HISION CNC inherits the structural features of the traditional Double Column Machining, solid rigidity, large machining range combined with advanced technical factors. Haitian Precision pursues the principle of...

Haitian Precision pursues the development principle that brings high efficiency and precision, saves fuel, all the advantages combined to create a new generation of Double Column Machining Center

Double Column Machining Center is widely applied in mold making industry, railway transportation, automobile, civil machinery, medical equipment, ..etc.

1 / Series movable cross bars and fixed cross bars / Series movable worktables and movable columns.
Double Column Machining Center - HISION CNC Horizontal Bars Series
2 / Series processing five-axis interlock at the same time and automatic 5-sided machining.
Double Column Machining Center - HISION CNC
3 / Series high speed, high precision and heavy machining.
Bed milling machine Hision CNC - Series high speed
4 / Series high-speed, heavy-duty bridge type.
Double Column Machining Center - HISION CNC - High speed bridge series
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