General information about the Fanuc 0iMF operating system

Attention! Fanuc 0iMF operating systems are diverse and confusing

Currently, the Fanuc 0iMF operating system is very popular on CNC milling machines. And many people, if they don't learn deeply, will easily get confused because:

  • Fanuc 0iMF operating system has 2 versions: Alpha & Beta, in each Alpha and Beta version there are also packages 1, package 3, package 5 with different integrated features in each of Fanuc's current operating packages.
  • According to Fanuc's comparison document, the Alpha version is a higher version than the Beta version and package 1 is the highest, followed by package 3 and the lowest is package 5. On CNC machines using the Fanuc operating system, the Alpha system can be used. It is clear that each axis uses a separate control module in the operating system's electrical cabinet, helping to save costs when needing replacement.
  • Similarly, CNC machines use the Fanuc 3-axis beta operating system integrated on one control module, we can check on the operating system electrical cabinet.
Fanuc 0iMF operating system
Fanuc 0iMF operating system

In Vietnam, people often mistakenly choose a machine model for processing due to confusion in choosing the operating system on the machine. In addition, there are many differences in the Alpha version and Beta version operating systems such as AICC I function and AICC II function.

What is the AICC function on Fanuc operating system?

AICC function stands for FANUC's Alpha I Series Servo System and Contour Control. This means the machining profile control function using the SERVO FANUC Alpha I motor system.

AI Contour Control (AICC I / AICC II) uses advanced look-ahead algorithms to determine optimal feedrate and acceleration. This can reduce cycle times and improve accuracy, which is especially beneficial when machining complex, curved surfaces such as aerospace or automotive parts or metal molds.

AICC I & AICCII is the command pre-reading function for use on machines with fast speed and high accuracy.

How is AICC II function different from AICC I on CNC milling machines?

AICC has the effect of minimizing latency in command loading and response time of the motors that drive the axes. If there is no AICC function in the CNC machining center that the business is using, the machine's processor, after receiving each command, the axis drive system can only perform the movements contained in the command. Load into the machine.

This greatly affects the machining process such as leaving tool stop marks, especially in G02 and G03. When machining is finished, even though the finishing process is over, it still takes time to cool the product again.

AICC I Allow reading first 40 commands Good support is available on CNC milling machines specializing in detailed component processing integrated on HISION's detailed component processing machines with model symbol VMC.../P.

HISION CNC Vertical Milling Machine MODEL VMC1000II/P supports AICC I function
HISION CNC Vertical Milling Machine MODEL VMC1000II/P supports AICC I function

AICC II allow Read 200 commands in advance available. Functions of AICC II Used for processing steps that require high interpolation such as mold products integrated on HISION's specialized mold making machines with model symbol VMC.... There is no /P on the model.

Vertical Milling Machine CNC HISION MODEL CFV supports AICC II function

The AICC function also helps improve accuracy as well as increase product quality and product processing time.

Haitian Precision has a diverse product line specializing in molds and detailed processing of all kinds for customers to choose from.

Depending on the customer's product, Haitian Precision will choose a machine model that suits the processing requirements of that product and fits the customer's finances.

For further information, please contact us for advice on CNC milling machines for processing detailed components & molds.

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