The 2nd HAITIAN SHOW event

On June 27 and 28, 2019, HAITIAN successfully organized 'Product Introduction Day of Second Haitian Factory - Haitian Show'.

In the Vietnam - Singapore II Industrial Park (VSIP II), Binh Duong event took place with many visitors.

2nd Haitian Show - Visitors
2nd Haitian Show - Visitors

At this event, the delegations were able to directly enjoy new technology products such as Haitian plastic injection machine, HISION CNC machine, Haitian pressure molding machine, Haitian robot ... on the basis of technology and high standards. , suitable for diversified industries for manufacturing and manufacturing factories in Vietnam.

This is the second time HAITIAN Vietnam organize product-service introduction activities in combination with training and consulting programs for customers right at the factory.

Haitian Show for the 2nd time

HAITIAN has always focused on innovation, optimization and improvement of the technological process and Haitian products have provided the market with outstanding features, ease of use, high durability, helping to bring high production productivity. with optimal investment costs.

At the 2nd HAITIAN SHOW event, there were many delegations from North, Central and South attended, and the 2nd HAITIAN SHOW received a lot of attention and support.

Some of HAITIAN's features are appreciated by customers at this event to always deliver outstanding value in terms of quality, low investment costs, flexible payment, and fast and convenient service chain. create solid trust for customers nationwide.

With that belief, HAITIAN wishes to contribute more to the Vietnamese industry.


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(*All customer information is kept confidential by Hision)